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Housing Finance is an important pillar of the financial sector. The course promises to provide our learners with rich & quality content, brought to you by industry experts that will equip you, with requisite technical, business & entrepreneurial skills. The course consists of 11 modules starting with Introduction to Housing Finance till the Laws Governing Housing Finance, which extensively covers the study material for your expertise in housing finance. This specialization can justify and describe the focus, about how the eligibility for mortgage loans is determined along with the maths, the documentation required to process loans, amortization, income tax and much more. This opportunity provides you with the chance to explore your career path, along with building your base and improving your skill set to achieve your professional goals.

Housing Finance
Learning Outcomes
• Provides you with the opportunity to understand the concepts of Housing Finance from products to processes
• Expand your dynamics in order to perform exponentially
• From understanding of the Regulatory environment to an understanding of what drives this industry this course covers it all
Sr No. Module Name Topics Covered Price Instructor Name Instructor Description
1 Introduction to Housing Finance 1.1ABC
Get it for Free Satish Mehta A Chartered Accountant by education, a Housing Finance and Credit Information practicing professional and a mentor by passion. He loves to learn from young minds and in turn, help mould them to be future ready. He has global experience in his chosen fields, is a Professor of Practice at a leading University and has written e-books on his subjects for the World Bank.
2 Construction Finance 2.1 ABC
2.2 DEF
WAS Rs 1500
IS Rs 1350
Abhijeet Puglia He is the Senior Principal, Mid - Market Construction Finance at Piramal Housing Finance. A qualified CA and CFA(USA), with more than 15 years of work experience. Prior to the current assignment, he lead Group Treasury for the Piramal Group and was responsible for fund raising (both domestic and off-shore), foreign exchange risk management and debt investments across multiple businesses like financial services, healthcare, information management, glass and real estate. Mr. Puglia has previously worked in multiple roles across business development, sales, finance and accounts in reputed companies like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Indian Hotels Ltd (A Tata Group Company) and Lodha & Co.
3 Concept and Maths 3.1 ABC
3.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2400
Satish Mehta Same as (1)
4 Mortgage Products 4.1 ABC
4.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2400
Nilufer Mullanfiroze
5 Loan Processing 5.1 ABC
5.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2700
Nilufer Mullanfiroze
6 Policies 6.1 ABC
6.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2700
Satish Mehta Same as (1)
7 Affordable Housing 7.1 ABC
7.2 DEF
Get it for Rs 1000 Jayesh Shah
8 Laws Governing Housing Finance 8.1 DEF
8.2 ABC
Get it for Rs 500 Sudhir Jha