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This course offers the learner a holistic view of the credit information industry, right from the laws that regulate the sector to the application of credit scores in decision making. Credit information provides effective tools for analysis and aids the lending process of financial institutions. It has and will continue to change the lending landscape of the country and redefine how loans are underwritten. Hence in this online program we get you the course designed for learners interested in using Credit Information to manage, leverage & use Credit Information to redefine underwriting policies, plan portfolio management strategies and identify early warning signals and other aspects of risk. We offer personalized course which is process-driven, and excellence-oriented tailor made to best fit your individual journey

Credit Information
Learning Outcomes

• This helps you understand how a credit report and score should be interpreted
• Explore new opportunities to make a paradigm shift to lending as we understand it today
• Portrays the evolution of this industry at a global level and a “crystal ball” view of the future of Credit Information and much more

Sr No. Module Name Topics Covered Price Instructor Name Instructor Description
1 Introduction to Credit Information 1.1ABC
Get it for Free Satish Mehta A Chartered Accountant by education, a Housing Finance and Credit Information practicing professional and a mentor by passion. He loves to learn from young minds and in turn, help mould them to be future ready. He has global experience in his chosen fields, is a Professor of Practice at a leading University and has written e-books on his subjects for the World Bank.
2 Stakeholders of CI and CICRA 2.1 ABC
2.2 DEF
Get it for Rs 1000 Same as above Same
3 Credit reports 3.1 ABC
3.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2700
Same Same
4 Credit score 4.1 ABC
4.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2700
Same Same
5 Principles of credit reporting 5.1 ABC
5.2 DEF
WAS Rs 500 Get it for Free Same Same
6 Products and services in credit information 6.1 ABC
6.2 DEF
WAS Rs 3000
IS Rs 2400
Same Same